Vainglory: Battle Royale Update (1.17) – New Public Mode, Skins, & More

You should be familiar with the Battle Royale mode which was added to Vainglory during its Spring Update. The mode was introduced as a private game mode, but with the latest update (1.17), Super Evil Megacorp has rendered it as a public game mode. In this mode, you are assigned a random hero and will only engage in a lane battle without the complexity of the jungle experience.

Battle Royale is all about experiencing the fun of Vainglory in a shorter time than the usual gameplay time – average matches can be 7 minutes long. The random hero assigned to each player doesn’t have to be unlocked. During a match, recalling your hero is not allowed and you cannot revisit the spawn base. This leaves you with one option if you wish to buy an item, and that’s by dying. This mode was designed to increase action and a much more fast-paced experience. Keep in mind that public queue matches reward you with fame and glory.

With the new update the Battle Royale mode has been improved. Now, you can select skins in the pre-match lobby and death clocks are much shorter throughout the game. Speed boost from Ace bonus has been increased while persistent gold trickle has been increased from 10 to 15 per second. An interesting improvement; Travel Boots buff will always be active for all players when they are not in combat for 5 seconds.

Furthermore, while there is no new hero, there are new skins. Super Evila Megacorp introduced the Killer Bunny Rona as a limited edition, and it definitely gives her a creepy look (just like that creepy bunny in the Donny Darko Film). The skin can be unlocked simply by playing daily matches without the need for ICE. The Killer Bunny Rona skin is one of the most animation-rich skin ever made by Super Evil Megacorp. Will you go for it? We know we will!

Moreover, the new Bonecruncher Phinn skin with all its 3 Tiers are now available. The Bonecruncher image looks perfect for Phinn, especially at Tier 3 where green flames and black smoke erupt from his Quibble & Polite Company attacks. There is also the interesting dragon-wing looking hook which complements Phinn’s gigantic image. Maybe we are wrong, but he does look like an angry Orc with the Eye of Sauron at Tier 3 of the new skin.

Then there is the Cloud Raider Vox Tier 3 skin which looks pretty cool but appears to be cyborg-ish in a way. With the new effects included with the skin, you can see him throw sonic discs for his basic attacks and leaves a digital trail behind him once he dashes. This skin is for you if you are all about technology. Super Evil Megacorp added the ability for you to gift fame to your guildmates now which is definitely a cool addition.

Finally, there were several hero balances implemented for Alpha, Kestrel, Reim, Vox and others. There were a few item changes as well: The Fountain of Renewal and the Flare Gun now have a faster projectile; Lifespring and Fountain of Renewal now regenerate on missing health; and Breaking Point has higher base weapon power. The Jungle has underwent some updates too, especially for the Minion Mine, Kraken, and jungle camps. You can see the full log for the new version by clicking here. If you want to learn more about the Battle Royale mode, then watch the video below.

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