Clash Royale: Next Update Will Drop A Nerf Bomb – Coming May 3rd

Supercell notified us today regarding the changes of their upcoming update for Clash Royale and we can tell you that Mortar users will not be happy. It’s true that the Mortar can be a powerful card to utilize but it’s generally frowned upon by the community. It’s the exact parallel of a noob tube, at least in the Clash Community’s eyes. So Supercell decided to nerf the Mortar by increasing deployment time from 3 seconds to 5 seconds while decreasing damage by 10%. That’s going to make it harder for Mortar players to adapt to the upcoming changes.

But that’s not the only card being nerfed, there are many others. The Bomb Tower’s lifetime will be decreased from 60 seconds down to 40 seconds. The Elixir Collector’s hitpoints will be decreased by 20%. Also, the Cannon hitpoints will be decreased by 11%. In addition, the Valkyrie & Mini P.E.K.K.A will be affected by pushback when they’re hit by a Fireball.

Sure, plenty of favorite cards will be nerfed but there are other cards that will be empowered. For example, the Royal Giant’s range will be increased by 1 and the Mirror will mirror common and rare cards by 1 level higher, which will create more powerful troops. Clash Royale has become extremely popular, therefore, we plan to write more guides on how to build some of the greatest decks in the game. Finally, you can expect this new update to take effect on May 3rd.

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