Titan Brawl: A Twisted Take On MOBA – Coming Soon

One of the dominant gaming genres on mobile has been the MOBA genre in terms of games released and popularity. Super Evil Megacorp managed to successfully bring the MOBA experience to its full potential with Vainglory. In our search for more worthy games that deserve to be noticed, we have discovered Titan Brawl, a game that takes a different approach at MOBA as we know it. It is being developed by Omnidrone, the makers of Dwarfs & Dragons.

Titan Brawl offers fast-paced 1v1 matches in real-time, although 2v2 is still being considered by the developers. You get to assemble a team of intergalactic brawlers which can range from ex-military mercenaries to ancient gods, an unlikely combination of characters. You can level-up your titans and activate unique power-ups to destroys enemy turrets and take down their Totem.

Matches last for an average of 4 minutes which is ideal for those who have limited time to spend on gaming. To win a match you need to destroy an enemy’s Totem or end up with more points than your opponent. The game is expected to be released for iOS & Android in the summer of this year, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. You can watch the trailer for Titan Brawl in the video below.


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