Space Marshals 2: Pixelbite’s Prominent Stealth Sequel – Coming This June

Space Marshals [$4.99] was one of the few premium stealth games that came to recognition extremely quickly. In an industry where free-to-play has become the norm, Developer Pixelbite has chosen to be the exception. It is a combination of stealth and strategy unlike we have seen on the mobile platform before. The great news is that we will be getting its anticipated sequel, Space Marshals 2, this upcoming June.

The sequel will have better graphics, new animations, various locations, diverse enemies, and ragdoll physics. Space Marshals 2 will be a harder game to play since the new enemies will have unique features that will be hard to deal with. Stealth will still be a part of the game, and even amplified. For example, you will be able to kill enemies silently among other interesting actions. More missions will be available in Space Marshals 2, so this will be exciting.

According to Pixelbite, the iOS version will be available in June but Android will be getting a later release. Thankfully, you can expect the sequel to be a premium game like its predecessor for iOS, but Android might receive a different business model due to challenges that the company faced in the Android market. It might be free-to-play or a combination of freemium & premium. This is understandable because premium games are becoming hard to sell, especially on the Android market. You can check the release trailer for the original Space Marshals game below.

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