Take Off: The Flight Simulator – Coming June 9th

Take Off: The Flight Simulator is a game that caught our interest in late March. We want to inform you that the official release date has been set for June 9th. If you remember, it will feature 14 highly detailed planes that include huge airliners. You will be able to engage in exciting missions unlike the previous simulator games that only offered the ability to take off or land a plane. So we are happy to see that this title is going beyond the boring basics.

One of the really interesting features is the possibility to visit 18 real airports across the world and even crash into them. To make the experience even more realistic, there is a day/night cycle along with different weather conditions that will make your objective all the more challenging and interesting. Some objectives include rescue missions and emergency landings which add more adrenaline to the flight simulator experience.

Of course, many people prefer to simply enjoy the beautiful landscape and that’s why sightseeing is an option in the game too. Planes in Take Off: The Flight Simulator will be customizable, and even better – you will be able to build your very own airline and purchase your own planes. This is definitely one of the best flight simulator game we have seen in a long time on the mobile platform.

Finally, we appreciate the beautiful graphics on this game and what’s more interesting is flying over gorgeous cities such as Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, and much more. Don’t forget to grab Take Off: The Flight Simulator when it is released on June 9th for iOS & Android. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on this title. You can check the first Dev Diary for this game below.

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