Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Update 1.8 Is Now Available

Gameloft has just released update 1.8 to Modern Combat 5: Blackout and it is definitely made the game more interesting. The game now includes Custom Lobbies, 2 New Armor Sets, New Multiplayer Map, Improved League System, and a Referral System. Let’s start by discussing each feature because it’s important to understand the impact of some of these changes.

Custom Lobbies allow teams to play against each other through an organized lobby that is password protected. By far, this has been the most demanded feature since the game launched and it is great to see it brought to the players at last. We, of course, very much welcome this new feature because we want to see players get what they want. This opens the door to Clan Battles and a more competitive environment.

The 2 New Armor Sets are the Ronin & the Renegade. The Ronin is an ancient Japanese Armor that wards off explosive damage while boosting your Weapon Score. The Renegade is a new Advanced Bounty Hunter Armor that boosts your grenades with a short EMP while doubling collected Diamond Dust. Furthermore, there is a new Multiplayer Map called Conversion, a research facility that was previously a warehouse. The new map has battle areas that can be good for snipers and knife-stabbers, so you need to choose your battleground with great caution.

Finally, now there is an Improved League System that allow your to raise your rank to earn bigger rewards and advance through each League while getting blueprints for the highest weaponry tier. As for the Referral System, now you can invite your friends to join the game. If any new players do accept the invite and start playing the game because of you, both of you will be rewarded with in-game credit. You can check the Dev Diary for update 1.8 below.

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