Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Soft Launched

Many of you have been waiting for more news about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius [Free] and we are here to tell you the latest. The game has been soft launched in Sweden, for iOS & Android. Square Enix has announced that the game will be released worldwide very soon. As you might know, it was developed by Gumi, the makers of Brave Frontier; therefore you can expect Final Fantasy Brave Exvius to adopt similar game mechanics as Brave Frontier.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will feature memorable characters from previous games, such as Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV; Exdeath from Final Fantasy V; and Shadow from Final Fantasy VI. The game was in closed beta testing in Japan until September 2015 and was released to the Japanese audience in October 2015. By March 28th, 2016, it had garnered over 6 million downloads which is a great amount of downloads for only one country. At the moment, only the Japanese version is in the stores but the English version is what Square Enix plans to release very soon to the international audience.

The story behind Final Fantasy Brave Exvius revolves around Vision & Lapis. In a world where visions exists in crystals. It is believed that Vision is the pure manifestation of what people feel and think, while Lapis is the world where Magic Crystals exist. People eventually learned to utilize the power of the crystals in order to improve their livelihood. Yet darkness found its way to Lapis and in the face of annihilation, two heroes arise to save the world with the help of visions.

Designed as a turn-based RPG, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will have a unique take on the franchise in comparison to previous titles. You will be presented with a simple user interface where you can command your characters through tapping or swiping. Throughout your adventure, you will be gaining experience points, crafting materials, and in-game money. Click here to pre-register in order to receive powerful items upon game launch – the website might be down for the time, but will go live soon. Stay tuned with our website to be updated with the latest news about this game. You can watch the official trailer for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius below.

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