Mortal Kombat X – The Anniversary Update Is Phenomenal

Mortal Kombat X [Free] has been one of the leading fighting games for iOS & Android and how can it not be? The Fatalities & X-Rays are absolutely brutal & gory, a feature that the Mortal Kombat franchise thrived upon. Just a few days ago, Warner Brothers released one of the biggest updates in celebration of the game’s first anniversary. With so much changes and content introduced, we believe that you should be informed about update 1.8. Let’s first tell you that we couldn’t take our eyes off the new Kold War Scorpion that has been added. With 30,015 Attack & 55,331 HP; it appears that he will be a community favorite.

Faction Wars has been one of he most exciting modes in the game and now has been redesigned to provide more rewards. Two seasons per week will be available now and this means you can receive Season Rewards twice a week. In addition, the leaderboards have been updated so that you can experience better defined tiers. Now, you will know your position, your potential, and what loss might lead to.

A new currency has been introduced that is specifically designed for Faction Wars and its called Blood Rubies. They are rewarded for Leaderboard placement & the completion of Battle Rating Milestones. This currency can used to purchase from the new Faction Wars store, which has two new Gold Characters: Kobu Jutsu Tanya & Dark Emperor Liu Kang. These exclusive characters are very much worth getting! Also, the store has three new pieces of Equipments which includes: Bloody Shokan Armor, Bloody Voodoo Doll, & Bloody Tomahawk. That’s one bloody anniversary, don’t you think?

As for the challenges, there are five new Character Challenges which include Marksman Kung Jin, Dark Lord Kotal Kahn, Klassic Kano, & more! It all sounds great, but do we get a prize since its the first anniversary ever for Mortal Kombat X? Absolutely! An exclusive card called Fujin’s Blessing will be given along with abundance of souls. All you have to do to get this prize is play – it’s as simple as it sounds. So what else has changed in the game after this update?

Several fixes and improvements have been implemented. Dark Empress Kitana has been added to the Challenge Pack while matchmaking has been dramatically improved. There were complaints about Shinnok’s passive and this has been addressed. Mortal Kombat X is the champion of blood & gore fighting on mobile and you will be very mistaken to ignore the game without giving it a try. It’s now better than ever since the roster has been expanded with the new update. You can check the Anniversary trailer for this game’s update below.

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