Clash Royale: Next Update Includes Balances – Coming May 18th

Do you ever get the feeling that you are unbeatable in Clash Royale? I often feel this way, but sometimes my skills are challenged when the opponent uses Freeze on my invading Balloon. Countering Freeze can be problematic and requires a lot of attention, you have to force your opponent to use it and when he does, then you can use your secret combination of troops to take him down.

Luckily, Supercell will make it a bit easier for us to counter Freeze in their next update on May 18th. Let’s discuss the changes. Freeze’s duration will be decreased by 1 second. It may not sound much, but we all know that every second matters in a Clash Royale match. The Royal Giant’s damage will decrease by 4% to keep him in check. After all, he is royalty with a grand ego, and someone needed to teach him some modesty. Thank you Supercell.

If you use the Elixir Collector, then we are sorry to inform you that its HP will be decreased by 9% and the reason it was nerfed is because it is the most used card by far. It seems fair to see it balanced considering the circumstances. Great news to the Knight users, his HP will be increased by 10% since he is no longer a popular card, maybe this will attract those who doubt his capabilities.

Furthermore, the Bomber’s damage will be increased by 10% which we don’t like because we believe this card is already balanced, but let’s see what comes out of it. Also, the Cannon’s HP will be decreased by 5% because it remains as a very popular card and somewhat overpowered. As for the Tesla, its HP will increase by 5% due to many players avoiding it as a viable defensive card.

Both, the Golem & Golemite will get 5% increase to their HP because many have complained that for its expensive cost, it dies quickly against the Minion Horde. So we should see their rise to power soon. The Witch is a commonly used card but is mostly avoided in competitive matches. So it will get 10% increase to its damage rate in order to level the playing field.

Moreover, the Skeletons (including those from the Tombstone & Witch) will get 5% damage increase. The Tombstone will receive 10% increase to its HP, and hey – why not? It’s not like they are overpowered. Even upgrading Epic & Legendary Cards will gain you more XP. Although, not only will the old cards be nerfed, but the new ones from the last update as well!

The Furnace will cost 4 instead of 5 after the update while HP will be decreased by 14% and lifetime decreased from 50 to 40 seconds. Since no one uses it, Supercell decided to re-work the card. As for the Fire Spirits, they will now have a 25% increase to Area Damage radius, rendering them more reliable. In addition, the Guards will have 8% increase to HP & damage. The Miner is a great card yet Supercell decided to increase its HP by 6%. It all looks great so far, but what about the Lava Hound?

Don’t panic, the Lava Hound will have an increased HP by 3% while the Lava Pups will have an increased HP by 9%. This is the right thing to do because it already costs 7 Elixir and no player would waste that much on it if its not a powerful force in the arena. Are you excited already for this update? We know we are. Stay tuned for the latest news on Clash Royale.

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