Clash of Clans – Friendly Challenges To Come In The Next Update

Have you missed reading Clash of Clans articles? Well, they are about to increase dramatically since a new update is in the horizon. It is no secret that the players have grown weary of the game, especially after the last update which made quite an over-hyped entrance. Therefore, Supercell decided to act and bring a more exciting feature to please the clashers. This time, a new feature called ”Friendly Challenges” will be added in the upcoming update and this news definitely got us excited.

In a way, it’s a similar feature to Clash Royale‘s Friendly Battle mode which was added in its last update. It translates into clan mates sending friendly challenges to each other where they attack one another for practice, competition or fun. You can challenge as many friends as you want and it’s absolutely free but you also won’t gain any rewards by winning.

With these challenges, clan members are invited to attack bases as set in the challenge. You attack your clanmate’s village using your current army and after the challenge, they all return to you. Like Clash Royale, the replay of your challenge will become available in the Clan chat. Here’s the best part of the update, clanmates can join to watch the attack live!

Clanmates can be invited to attack your village by clicking on the new ”Challenge” button above the Clan chat. Any member can accept the challenge which appears on the Clan Chat. The update is expected to be released soon, so be patient. Until then, Supercell is enabling the whole single gem resource boost which allows you to farm a great amount of resources for low gem costs; this will last until the next update comes out. Stay tuned with our website for the latest information on Clash of Clans.

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