Soul of Eden: A War Between Heaven & Hell – Coming Soon

Rayark has released more information about their anticipated eSports game, Soul of Eden. If you don’t remember what games Rayark has released, then you surely recognize the amazing Implosion: Never Lose Hope. Soul of Eden is best described as a mixture between real-time strategy MOBA & an intense tactical card battle; which reminds us of the game mechanics of Clash Royale. Although, both games are very much different.

Unlike Clash Royale, Soul of Eden will feature gorgeous 3D graphics based on rendering technology that’s more precise than the one used in Implosion: Never Lose Hope & will include a thrilling plot behind its world. Rayark’s promising game will get its first closed-beta phase during summer break, so be ready for it.

With a new video released by Rayark, we learned that there are 6 different clans available in the game, such as humans, mutants, robots, and more. The real-time strategy game pits two sides against each other due to the differences of their beliefs and the means for their survival. The 6 clans belong to one of the opposing sides: The Eden Kingdom & The Nod Federation. The Eden Kingdom includes Juphord, Saarn, and Veritas; while The Nod Federation includes Badener, Lurkein, and Turing.

The world of Soul of Eden is built upon a vast history. 5000 years ago, the sacred books & Mount Blynska were protected by Mobias, the one & only. Mobias created other gods and had them pledge allegiance to him; and all resided in the divine Mount Blynska. The gods controlled the cycle of life and death for all humanity and the believers among them were protected and guided by the gods. One day, a man named Adam trespassed into the forbidden territory where the sacred books were hidden, and stole a book called Dark Truth, which led to a war between the gods & mankind. Thus, the world was divided between Eden & Nod and the war continues.

It is believed that The Eden Kingdom is a shining and colorful abode for the followers of Mobias. Those that abandoned the teachings of Mobias pursued free will and created The Nod Federation and focused on building modern technology. Most interesting concept, indeed. This sounds like the Biblical story of Adam and the war between Heaven and Hell, with a little sparkle of Greek Mythology. In terms of plot, it is definitely a unique approach for a competitive eSports title to adopt.

There are numerous characters in the game that Rayark has described and we will share the information on them below:

The Eden Kingdom

  • Selamod: As a high level apostle, Selamod harbors mighty soulstone magic power that can launch missiles powerful enough to knock down walls, penetrate soldiers’ armor, and even paralyze the energy source for quantum life forms.
  • Felicity: Also an apostle of the Juphord clan, Felicity has a pair of abnormally bulging petrified claws; anyone who stands in her way shall be ripped to shreds or beat to pieces. It is said that a serene smile was once seen upon her face, but the rumor lacking evidence was soon forgotten.
  • Kerumba: A humongous warrior of Veritas with a soulstone core and a body of man made materials and steel. It’s strong body seemingly able to take on any attack, a super soldier with a very high health levels and AOE abilities.

The Nod Federation

  • Executioner: the 3rd generation artificial lifeform  created by Kulen, guardian of the Turing Clan, boasting complex independent thinking abilities and destructive power that will strike terror right into the heart of enemies. As his weapon is shaped like a giant sickle, the Eden Kingdom refers to him as the Grim Reaper, and can also cast a surrounding shield of light absorbing damage.
  • Triton: “Love and Peace” is the classic motto of Triton, Second Army Chief to the Nod Federation. Besides training new recruits his favorite pastime is weight training; due to diligent training Uncle Triton acquired a burly figure and mental toughness, after attacking he will cast an AOE heal.
  • Ravka: Inside their bodies chemical reactions are constantly undergoing like a biofactory, so everyone in the Lurkein clan prefers to keep their distance. From the poisonous substances and striking colors released upon self explosion, most would avoid keeping a pet like this.

Keep in mind that when the closed beta phase is unrolled this summer, there will be many cards available and a map or two released. This will be quite an interesting eSports experience and it’s expected to be released worldwide this year. To learn more about the units and gameplay, you can check the new Soul of Eden video below.

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