Assassin’s Creed Identity – The New Forli Campaign Arrives

Assassin’s Creed Identity [$4.99] has just received its new DLC campaign, Forli – A Crimson Sunset. We have written an article about this update 2 weeks ago and now it is finally released. The new campaign can be purchased for $1.99 via in-app purchases, a move that angered many players. Their anger is justified considering that the game has been changed from a free-to-play game to a $4.99 priced premium title. Those who already paid for it will be forced to pay $1.99 to unlock the new campaign.

Forli – A Crimson Sunset includes a lot of great content. There is a new location, the fortified village of Forli, which includes two maps: At Dusk & Under Siege. In addition, there are 4 new story missions that feature Ezio & Machiavelli. A new type of contract mission by the name of ”Crow Hunt” has been added to the new campaign, as well as 2 legendary weapons to earn.

The update also added new content to the game in general. Now, there are more hidden treasure chests to find on different maps. Furthermore, a new legendary item has been added to the Heroic Shop called ”The Sword of Altair.” Daily challenges have been improved and new outfits have been added such as the ”Ghost Robe” and the ”Pulverizer.” Finally, the game now supports Weibo & Uplay so that you may play the game across multiple devices. Players can now get the new DLC on iOS & Android! Enjoy.

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