Final Fantasy – Uniting The Community Of Players

We have to acknowledge that the Final Fantasy games have paved the path for the RPG genre.  First born in 1987, the franchise is soon to enter its 30th anniversary, which is insane to think about. On this website, we have a vast amount of readers that love reading about Final Fantasy games that are currently on or coming to mobile. This is the age of mobile gaming and we don’t want the mobile Final Fantasy fans to feel left out from the community, so we took it upon us to bring the mobile community of the Final Fantasy franchise together.

Today, we have created a chat room designed to house the true and loyal Final Fantasy gamers where we can discuss the games, do giveaways, inform you about the latest Final Fantasy news, and hear what you have to say about the games and report to Square Enix on your behalf. It’s a place for all of us to speak freely and work as a community together in order to bring more games from the franchise to mobile devices.

Here’s how you can find us. We created the chat room on an app called Bindle [Free]. Once you get access to this app, choose ”Join” and type ”FinalFantasyCommunity” in order to find our chat room. We want to build our mobile Final Fantasy community to be strong and heard.  As fans of the franchise and of the mobile platform, we believe it’s about time to bring the community into a place where we can all share ideas in a live chat room.

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