Titan Quest: A Legendary Hack N’ Slash Experience – Out Now

Unbelievable! Titan Quest [$6.99], one of the best hack n’ slash games of all time has just been released on iOS. The allure of the game is mainly based in its Diablo-like gameplay. It is built on an interesting world that adopts various cultural mythologies into the mix. For those that missed our previous articles, Titan Quest was first released on PC in 2006 and has now arrived with enhanced graphics to iOS.

The plot revolves around the escape of the Titans from their prison and how a hero must intervene to save Earth. You get to create your hero and explore ancient civilizations such as Babylon, China, Egypt, and Greece. Mythological creatures from each culture will come for you and you get to fight them in your own fighting style. Whether you choose to master archery, magic, or swordsmanship; it is knowledge that will grant you victory because knowing about each opponent is a vital element in this game.

Titan Quest has been designed to work very well for the touch screen with high quality graphics. You have a massive open world to explore that undergoes a day-night cycle. This is definitely a great experience for a game with RPG elements such as this one. Over 80 different mythological creatures exist in the world of Titan Quest. Whether it’s Cyclopses, Minotaurs, or Gorgons; they are all difficult to beat.

With over 1200 items to discover, 30 different character classes to choose from, and 15 different character skills to use; your customization possibilities will feel limitless. The game features over 60 hours of playtime with various difficulty modes to experience. The great thing about this game is that there are no advertisements or in-app purchases; it’s refreshing to welcome a premium game of this status. Are you ready to enter a world that’s full of the most unnerving creatures in Mythology? You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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