Minecraft: Pocket Edition – New Update Adds Biome Settlers Pack 2

Yesterday, an update hit Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99], adding the second Biome Settlers Skin Pack which features 24 characters from the Nether & Mooshroom biomes. For example, the Mooshroom Glutton skin has Mooshrooms on top of its head, while the Mooshroom Archer appears like a strawberry. They are pretty hilarious and many of you would find them enjoyable.

With the Nether skins, they look pretty awesome. For example, the Nether Banisher looks like a walking fire, while the Nether Extinguisher looks like an extinguisher. There are, of course, other characters that you will find very cool in the new skin pack. You can purchase the pack for $1.99, which is a reasonable amount for these cool-looking skins.

Minecraft Jungle Temples – Teased by @argo_major

Finally, Jason Major, one of the Minecraft developers, has teased an image of the Jungle Temples that are coming in the next update. Minecraft: Pocket Edition seems to be heading the right path. We are passionately waiting for Minecraft Realms to come to the game as it is one of the most anticipated features yet. You can stay tuned with our website for the latest news on this game.

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