The Mobile Journal: Chapter #1 – An Interview With Scorpion

”The Mobile Journal” is a series of interviews that we have with fictional characters that are found in mobile games. We will explore prominent characters throughout this series and will keep this series active as long as we know that it has an audience of its own. The interviews will be held by our interviewer, James Edinburg, who will explore these characters’ persona to the best of his ability. All chapters will be listed in our new page ”The Mobile Journal” which you can visit.

Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

James Edinburg entered into a high security prison where he was assigned to interview Hanzo Hasashi. Four guards took him into a dark room where he sat facing a thick glass. Not long after, six guards entered the room from behind the glass and brought a chained figure to sit in front of the glass. The dark figure sat on the chair facing James. James looked at his white eyes and saw nothing, as if the person before him was soulless. For the first time in his life, he felt afraid.

  • James tried to find his voice after meeting the mysterious man he heard so much of. ”How… How are you doing Mr. Hasashi?”
  • Scorpion pondered at the ground beneath his feet and said, ”I was called this name before. This person is dead, forgotten. I am Scorpion.”
  • After taking a deep breath, James replied, ”My name is James, from The Mobile Journal. It is my plea…”
  • Scorpion interrupted him with disregard, ”You tell me this as if it should mean something to me. It does not.”
  • James felt less comfortable than before. ”Very well… May we talk about why many accuse you of joining the forces of evil during the war against Earth?”
  • Scorpion was surprised that the interviewer would start with a bold question such as this. ”Evil? Was the killing of my clan not evil? Was the murder of my family not evil? You dare judge me!?”
  • James fearing that anger itself might explode before him immediately said, ”Apologies. I did not mean to offend.”

Scorpion’s face changed and his fury began to manifest on his face. This had James worried but James put his faith in the power of the glass that’s separating them.

  • After a few seconds of pure silence, James asked, ”May I ask what happened to your family and clan?”
  • Scorpion kept looking at James eyes, studying him. ”I come from the Shirai Ryu clan, a prominent and proud clan that mastered the ninja arts. We were attacked by a rival clan, the Lin Kuei led by a wretched assassin.
  • After thinking for a while, James added, ”Are you referring to Bi-Han, the one named as Sub-Zer…?”
  • Scorpion interrupted him angrily, ”DON’T MENTION HIS NAME!”

Scorpion shouted with a roaring voice that had James trembling. It seems that the interviewer hit a nerve.

  • Scorpion pushed the chair back and stood up. ”Do you dare test my patience? You little worm. I am the one that conquered death and came back. Do you think that they captured me here because they could?
  • James saw the guards behind Scorpion becoming vigilant. He then added, ”I did not mean to anger you. Please, this was not my intent.”
  • In a low, hissing voice, Scorpion replied, ”Of course it isn’t. And you are here why? To analyze me? To show your audience that the mighty Scorpion is but a pitiful man led astray? You cannot begin to fathom what I am, worm.”
  • Feeling intimidated, James responded, ”You are right, I cannot.”
  • Scorpion Looks back at the guards and laughs hysterically. ”These fools captured me? I let them!
  • Fear struck James’ spine as he asked slowly, ”Why would you let them?”
  • Scorpion came closer towards the glass and gazed into James’ shocked eyes, ”Because the wretched assassin is in this place. Now that I have told my story, the time has come for the murderer to pay for what he did.”

Scorpion stood boldly and turned his back towards the guards. The guards prepared their guns and tasers for any action that Scorpion might initiate. Suddenly, Scorpion started walking forward as two guards shot him with their tasers. He stopped. ”Now, it’s my turn.” He raised his hand forward, ”Come over here!” James was looking from behind the thick glass at Scorpion shredding the guards into pieces. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Note: Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion, is a character from Mortal Kombat, a franchise that was developed by Warner Bros’ NetherRealm Studios. The content of this interview is fully fictional and has been developed by us for entertainment purposes.

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