Clash of Clans – New Update Adds Friendly Challenges, Troops, & Upgrades

The update you all have been waiting for is out now! Fasten your seat-belts, clashers! Supercell has been teasing the new update for the last few weeks and today Clash of Clans has been updated with all the new content. Let’s go over what has been promised.

First of all, Friendly Challenges are now available. With these challenges, clan members are invited to attack bases as set in the challenge. You attack your clanmate’s village using your current army and after the challenge, they all return to you. Like Clash Royale, the replay of your challenge will become available in the Clan chat. Here’s the best part of the update, clanmates can join to watch the attack live!

Furthermore, two new spells have been added: the Skeleton spell & Clone spell. The Skeleton spell is a new dark spell that’s available at Town Hall 9 and it allows you to summon an army of Skeletons anywhere on the field. As for the Clone spell, it’s an Elixir Spell is a Town Hall 10 & 11 Spell which requires 4 Housing Space, which sounds like an expensive spell.

According to the official description, ”Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter it. It will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops.” So basically, you can clone your troops. The spell may last up to 15 seconds as far as we can tell but it is a good amount of time to clone the troops of your choice in battle.

There are two new troops from Clash Royale that have been introduced into Clash of Clans with the new update: Baby Dragon & Miner. In Clash Royale, the Baby Dragon is described as a flying troop that deals area damage. Baby Dragons hatch cute, hungry, and ready for a barbeque. While the Miner can burrow his way underground with a shovel and appear anywhere in the arena.

However, in Clash of Clans, Baby Dragons become enraged and gain bonus damage and attack speed; they occupy 10 storage spaces and are available at Town Hall 9. While the Miner shovels his way beneath walls and pops up right next to his target; he occupies 5 storage spaces and can be unlocked at Town Hall 10. It’s exciting to play with the new troops after having used them in Clash Royale.

Moreover, according to Supercell, there are a lot of balances have been implemented for the new update:
Town Hall 7+

  • Spring Trap levels 2-5

In the update, new Spring Trap levels with minor capacity will increase to help get additional units from time to time. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie.

Town Hall 10+

  • Bowler housing space reduced from 8 to 6

Town Hall 11

  • Cannon level 14
  • Lava Hound level 4
  • Balloon level 7

In Town 11, air troops have been diminishing in popularity and with these new levels, air troops should be strong enough to defend against ground attack.

Finally, there are more features that have been added to make editing layouts easier. Donating will now include fully trained troops and spells while you can also drag troops and spells anywhere into a training queue. Also, War Logs are going to be publicly viewed, unless it is disabled from Clan settings. Lastly, the chat stream has been reworked with built-in Request button. If you are a fan of Clash of Clans then stay tuned with our website for the latest news.

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