Vainglory: Lance Update (1.18) – New Hero, Quests, & Chests

Welcome a new hero to the Halcyon Fold and this time, he comes by the name of Lance. Just today, Vainglory received update 1.18 and before you rush to download it, learn about the new changes that you’re getting into. Lance is a new roam hero that fights using his unique polearm and shield. With his combat style, he breaks enemy lines to create an opportunity for his allies to attack. He can build crystal or utility items to empower his role as a guard over his allies or he can build weapon items to deal more damage during a match.

Let’s take a look at his perks because a Vainglory hero is best understood by his abilities:

  • Partisan’s Technique – Lance’s heroic perk allows his basic attacks to damage every target along their path. Although, they can be slow to land and attack speed is less effective on him. Rather than using energy, he uses stamina to activate his abilities. Stamina regeneration can be increased by purchasing items with energy regeneration.
  • Impale – Not only does this attack sound cool, but it allows Lance to strike through his opponents, damaging & rooting them in place. If this move targets at least one opponent, then Lance will instantly recover from the ability.
  • Gythian Wall – Lance strafes around his opponent that he has last attacked. As he strafes, the opponent’s target direction damage is reduced by up to 50%. In an active use, Lance sweeps opponents away with his polearm, causing damage and stunning them. Then, he holds his shield strongly to reduce incoming damage from the target by up to 90%.
  • Combat Roll – This final perk allows Lance to roll in the target direction. The next basic attack within 2 seconds allows him to strike swiftly, dealing bonus crystal damage.

We definitely think Lance is a much needed hero for Vainglory, because he completes the line of roamers with his powerful and supportive roles. In addition, the new update has new quests which improve your learning curve and earns you more rewards. There will be new quests everyday so keep on checking! Also, account progression has been improved. Instead of 20, now you can expand your account up to 30 levels, receiving rewards for each level reached. Expect a chest each time you level up.

Super Evil Megacorp included a new feature called AFK Forgiveness, which protects you against damage done to you skill-tier due to players abandoning your match. So if you are paired with a player who leaves your match, your skill-tier will not be hurt. You skill-tier can only be hurt if you make a party of friends that you know, and one of them ends up leaving. Keep in mind that the person that does abandon the match will still lose skill-tier progress.

Finally, there are new skins coming to Vainglory, each on a different date. Supersonic Skye Tier I & II will be available on May 27th; Star Queen Celeste Tier III will be available on June 3rd; Dynasties Blackfeather Tier I will be available on June 10th; and Supersonic Skye Tier III will be available on June 17th. Of course, there have been several balances implemented and you can click here to read the full patch notes. You can watch the Hero Spotlight video for Lance below.

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