Pokemon GO – New Screenshots Emerge & Game Mechanics Revealed

We informed you before that Pokemon GO will be available for field testing in the USA soon. If you have been accepted for field testing, then you will be able to download the game now. Lucky players indeed! Thanks to Niantic, we now have several screenshots that we would like to share with you about the game. Pokemon GO has topped the list as the most anticipated game of 2016 and it has caught interest worldwide.

Along with the new images, new information has been revealed about the battle mechanics of the game. If you recall, you will be able to journey in the outside world to find and catch Pokemon throughout different types of environments. Players can also evolve their Pokemon, and even collect Pokemon Eggs, which will hatch into  Pokemon after you have walked a preset distance.

As for the Gyms, you will be able to find Pokemon Gyms in real-world locations where you can battle against the Trainer in control of the Gym. When you compete to control the Gym, you can choose one of three teams to fight for. If you beat the Pokemon team that belong to the Gym Trainer, then you become in control of the Gym and your Pokemon Team will defend the Gym against the next player that passes by.

When the game is released, there will be over 100 Pokemon to capture (all from the 1st Generation). However, more generations will be introduced in future updates. You can find each Pokemon based on his type; the water type in aquatic areas, the grass type in grassy areas, etc… You can set your phone to alert you when a Pokemon is nearby. Like the Pokemon games, players can use a Poke Ball to catch the creatures by tapping on the touchscreen. Poke Balls and similar items can be found at PokeStops that are located at memorable places where historical monuments or public art installations exist.

Finally, if you still want to try to become a field tester, then you can still apply by clicking here. Pokemon GO will be released this year as a free game for iOS and Android. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon GO. You can watch the promo trailer for this game below.

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