Dawnbringer: A Gorgeous Open World RPG – Coming June 16th

Something about this year stands out. 2016 has simply been the best year for mobile games by far because we are seeing amazing titles released and awaiting even better ones to be released (Pokemon GO, Titanfall Mobile, etc…). One game that will join this list is called Dawnbringer, by Kiloo Games. If the name Kiloo Games doesn’t ring a bell, they are the ones that made Subway Surfers – one of the most downloaded games on mobile. They are collaborating with Copenhagen Creators to develop Dawnbringer and the game looks amazing so far.

Dawnbringer is an open world RPG that looks very similar to Infinity Blade in the graphics department. It introduces a unique combat system to the RPG experience which makes the fights feel more epic. How can they not be when you have massive monsters trying to rip you apart? Although it will be released as a free-to-play game, we hope that it’s not based on a pay-2-win system – many companies successfully avoid this trap.

The plot of the game focuses on a hero that’s fighting in order to save the world of Mourngard from demons. Unfortunately, this hero might have to face his brother to save Mourngard, which is an impossible decision to make. The campaign is believed to last for hours so there should be a lot of hack n’ slash action going on. Also, your character can be upgraded with gear and weaponry can be crafted.

Finally, the game will be released for iOS and Android on June 16th, yet you can still apply for closed beta by clicking here. How excited are you for Dawnbringer? Before you do judge it based on what we told you, give the trailer a go and see for yourself how unique Dawnbringer is by watching the video below.

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