Samurai Rising: A New RPG By Square Enix – Debuting June 2nd

Square Enix is a company that knows its audience very well. It knows how to hype a game and millions follow. If you recall when Square Enix first teased the upcoming RPG, Samurai Rising, that’s formerly known as Project Rising; they were met with a curious fan base trying to uncover its mystery. Now we know that it will be first released in Japan on June 2nd. A worldwide release should follow soon after, although a specific date has not been announced yet. We will get a better look at the game when it’s released and then give you our verdict.

Samurai Rising will be a freemium social-based RPG title and its art style is not very different from the Final Fantasy games from the looks of it. For example, in the previous trailer you see elements from Final Fantasy such as a Marlboro creature. It should be interesting to learn what more elements from the famous franchise will be available in this new game.

Samurai Rising will feature a four player cooperative mode with different classes to choose from. Square Enix has launched a new Japanese trailer for the game since it is set to be launched in Japan in approximately 5 days. You can watch the trailer for the game below.

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