Warpship – The Upcoming Competitor To Clash Royale

Clash Royale fans would be interested to know that a possible competitor may be on the rise. Warpship is a soft launched game developed by Wandake that features real-time multiplayer battles. Its game mechanics are similar to that of Clash Royale in terms of its MOBA-like strategy and in-battle energy system. Unlike Clash Royale, you can place your troops in an open arena that is not lane-based. Your target is only one building, the enemy’s base. As you kill enemy units, your base’s health increases. This is a unique approach to a game of this new genre.

The units that you can choose from can range from dragons to machines, quite a diverse world that Warpship offers. There are base abilities which can be used to slow the enemy down. You can invite friends and battle them live, which opens the door for competition. Units can be upgraded with supplies earned in battle and there are daily quests that offer plenty of rewards. While the gameplay is very interesting, the story is extremely intriguing.

The world of Warpship revolves around the year 2027, a time when warp speed tech has been invented to allow people to instantly travel across space and time. Due to the technology becoming available to most of the civilizations visited, now Warpships are being built all across the universe. However, Warpships are dependent on a fuel source called Wark, which has been decreasing ever since. Cluster M71 in Constellation Sagitta is the only known source for Wark. Now, every civilization from across the universe is fighting to gain control of Cluster M71.

Finally, we are excited to see new titles come to this new genre, especially that many are frustrated from Clash Royale‘s imperfect system. Do you think this game, upon release, can be a worthy competitor to Supercell’s Clash Royale? The game is currently soft launched on the Canadian App Store so create an account there if you wish to download it. Remember that this game is not officially released yet so its best to give the final verdict once it has launched worldwide. Stay tuned with our website to hear our full review once we learn more. You can watch a short gameplay video for this game below.

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