Minecraft: Story Mode – A Portal to Mystery (Episode 6) Coming June 7th

We got great news on Minecraft: Story Mode, which everyone has been waiting for. Episode 6, the next anticipated episode and the first of the standalone series will be called ”A Portal to Mystery.” In fact, the release date is just a week away, it should be released on June 7th for all platforms. This time, Jesse and friends will travel through the portal hallway only to find themselves in another apocalyptic world, one that is overrun by zombies!

Their only hope is to seek refuge in a spooky mansion where you explore it alongside famous Minecraft YouTubers such as Joseph Garrett (Stampy Cat), Stacy Hinojosa (Stacy Plays), Dan Middleton (DanTDM), Lizzie (LDShadowLady), and Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez). This should be extremely interesting and is very unique for an interactive popular game like this one.

Following this episode, there will be two more standalone episodes to come. Keep in mind that if you have purchased the season pass for this game, then it doesn’t include Episode 6 nor the other two standalone episodes in the formula. However, now you can pay $14.99 for the 3 new standalone episodes. You can still pay $4.99 to get Episode 6 only but you have to have Episode 1 in order to purchase the new standalone episodes.

The good news is that each of the new episodes will be priced at $4.99 like the previous ones. We are about to get one of the best episodes of this series yet because it certainly has the perfect combination of elements in a Minecraft game: Spooky Mansion, Famous YouTubers, and an Interactive Minecraft Universe. You can watch Minecraft: Story Mode‘s next episode’s guest cast interviewed below.

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