Hitman: Sniper – Welcome The Death Valley Update

Square Enix has been very active lately. They are working on Samurai Rising, released Romancing Saga 2, and just updated Hitman: Sniper. The new update for Hitman: Sniper is called Death Valley, which includes a new map, new game mode, new rifles, and a new leaderboard. The new game mode is action-packed, filled with waves of zombies! Your mission is to protect a survivor before they tear him apart.

In addition, 3 different difficulty levels have been added which should excite the beginners and the experts. With the new update, the AI adapts to your performance. So don’t expect them to be easy targets. In the new mode, there are normal zombies and 3 special zombies: Banshee, Beast, and Juggernaut. The variety should keep the shooting interesting.

Furthermore, there is a new leaderboard that’s unique to the Death Valley mode. As for the new rifles, you get to shoot with the Jarger and Judicator CO-78, both equally lethal. We believe that the addition of zombies makes the Hitman experience very interesting. The update is now live so go save the survivor while he still breathes. If you haven’t purchased Hitman: Sniper before, then you can get it now with 60% off for a limited time, which makes its price at $1.99. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on iconic titles.

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