Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Update 0.15 Gets Ready For Open Beta

Update 0.15 is probably one of the most anticipated update in Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s history. We have covered a lot of the features that will be coming along with the update but we will make sure to refresh your memory and inform you on new developments. The update will be available on Android very soon for Beta testing which predicts an iOS/Android release around the corner.

One of the most requested feature, Minecraft Realms, will be coming with Update 0.15. Minecraft Realms allows you to play with your friends easily where worlds are always online and can be accessible by any approved group of people. This feature will support cross-platform between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & Windows 10. Other features promised to come are two new mobs, horses, craftable leather horse armor, stick pistons, raw mutton, name tags, new food items lead, pig riding, and biome-based villages.

We also expect to see commands, plugins, and resource packs in the new update, so we are pretty excited to see how it all unfolds. If you happen to be an Android user, then you can apply to become a Beta tester by clicking here. Stay tuned with our website for the latest information on Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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