Warpship – Delving Into Groups & Units

Warpship [Free] is a soft launched Clash Royale competitor that has got us addicted this week. Before we get into the details, you can click here to read our first introductory article on the game. Today, we will explore the Army that you can utilize on the battlefield. There are interesting units that you will grow to love. The game mechanics is built on choices that involve whether you wish to evolve your deck and go into an upgraded set of units or not. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

When you enter into the Army section of the game, you can see the troops available to you and they consist of 3 types: Melee Troops, Ranged Troops, & Area Effect Troops. Each type has 4 units that you can utilize on the battlefield. When you start the game, you are presented with the first set of troops from each type. For example, you can use the Slicer from the Melee group, you can use the Spaceman from the Range group, or you can use the Gargoyle from the Area Effect group.

If you wish to use a different unit from each group, you can upgrade the group that you wish to change by spending Wark (a resource that increases during the game). For instance, the Gargoyle proved ineffective in battle, you can upgrade the Area Effect group (which the Gargoyle is in) and you will be able to choose the next & stronger unit in this group, which is the Juggernaut. Now, we will focus on each group and the troops that compose it.

The Melee group consists of the Slicer, Boomba, Tock, and Werewolf. The Slicer is the cheapest of the four and can be used best to distract. They can be extremely fast and very effective in large numbers. These ground troops can only attack other ground troops. The Boomba are swift units that can cause considerable damage to ground troops. The Tock is a health-focused tank unit that targets ground troops with great resistance, it is best used to head the attack so other units are protected. The Werewolf unit is the strongest of the Melee group due to their agility, and things don’t get any prettier when werewolves are on the offensive.

The Ranged group consists of the Spaceman, Sniper, Dragon, and Destroyer. The Spaceman troops are very resilient to attacks and can target ground and air troops. The Sniper troops are precise shooters that are best used to counter powerful air troops, although they can take down ground troops also. The Dragon is a ranged flying unit that can cause damage from a distant range, he can be hard to counter when you’re late in the game. The Destroyer is an elite marksman that can eliminate air and ground threats from a long distance.

The Area Effect group consists of the Gargoyle, Juggernaut, Drone, and Undead. The Gargoyle units can be best used at the start of the game to intimidate the enemy with their powerful damage that can be inflicted upon air and ground units, but it is best to be prepared to protect them against Spacemen & Snipers. The Juggernaut, although slow, can be effective against ground troops. The Drone is a flying unit that can hit multiple targets in air and on ground. The Undead unit can be fatal to ground units, they are still being tested by the developers due to their mysterious nature!

We can see that there are different groups to choose from and different units to use once you upgrade. When you are in the game, you will be considering whether to upgrade each group or not. If you do upgrade, the next unit that’s available costs more but is stronger. So you will have to weigh between cost, strength, and effectiveness. Even though there are different faces to strategy, remember that timing plays a vital role on when to upgrade your set of troops. Of course, along with the units, there are Powers that can change the tide of the battle. However, we will discuss the Powers in a future article. You can check the video below to get an idea of how Warpship gameplay unfolds.

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