The Mobile Journal: Chapter #2 – An Interview With The God King

”The Mobile Journal” is a series of interviews that we have with fictional characters that are found in mobile games. We will explore prominent characters throughout this series and will keep this series active as long as we know that it has an audience of its own. The interviews will be held by our interviewer, James Edinburg, who will explore these characters’ persona to the best of his ability. All chapters will be listed in our new page ”The Mobile Journal” which you can visit.

Radriar, The God King – Infinity Blade

Three guides in black robes accompanied James Edinburg throughout the desert until they reached an isolated temple. The Temple of Lantimor, it was called. ”You will find him inside,” pointed one of the guides to James. James thanked them and he proceeded towards the temple which towered over its surroundings.  It was surrounded by great stone walls that seemed to be slowly deteriorating yet it looked more like a dark citadel than a temple. There was a path that seemed to lead somewhere. James proceeded to walk on the path as he marvelled at the beautiful pure lake that was flowing under a small bridge that led to the complex of the tower. At the end of the path stood a great statue from which the sun rays passed through. The view was marvelous yet the walls in this place seemed to hold dark secrets that worried even the bravest of men.

As he reached the end of the path, he saw an ancient tall staircase that led to the entrance of the great temple. When he reached to the top, he was met with two mighty guards that caused James to freeze in place. ”Come in. You will not be harmed,” came a voice from the deep. James reached to the great doorway but before he entered, he took of his shoes as a symbol of respect and proceeded towards a figure that was sitting on a throne.

After he reached before an armored, glorious-looking figure, James knelt before him. Two giant guards were at each of the figure’s side yet they were standing still as a statue.

  • After a moment of silence, the figure spoke mockingly, ”So you are the next of the bloodline who comes to face me?”
  • James felt uneasy about the environment around him and intimidated by the presence of The God King. James responded respectfully, ”I only come to seek knowledge from you, O, God King.”
  • ”Speak!” commanded The God King.
  • ”Very well.” said a calmer James. ”There are many who follow you from whence I come. Others worship you. I come in their name to learn more about you and share your glorious wisdom with them,” said James with words very carefully selected to avoid angering the mighty figure before him.
  • With his ego inflated, The God King responded, ”Ask what you wish.”
  • James began gathering his thoughts, trying to find the right question to begin with, ”O God King, your loyal servants seek to know how you took over the world so that they may record your victory in eternal history.”
  • The God King laughed with his roaring voice filling the hall. ”Yes. My victory was grand indeed. You see, mortal. I remain unchallenged for thousands of years. I remember a time when this world needed to be changed. I formed The Pantheon, a league of seven Deathless, which I led to bring the world to heel. I took my rightful place in ruling these ungrateful, destructive mortals.”

Suddenly, came the sound of a struggle from the outside. All who were in the temple were alerted. The God King’s interest in the outside sound faded. He then waved his hand to James so that he may proceed.

  • His train of thought was derailed, yet he managed to find what he wanted to ask next. James proceeded with his questions, ”Your followers seek to know your secret to immortality. Is it true, O Mighty King, that you were once a mortal named Jori, son of Uriel?”
  • ”A pity that your life shall end. You come to my temple thinking to know me? Fool! You think you know my father?” responded The God King discontented.
  • ”Do not be bothered by my foolish, mortal questions,” begged James. ”Spare my life and I will tell you of what you seek!”
  • ”What is it you think I seek?” asked The God King with curiosity.
  • ”The Infinity Blade!” responded James, hoping that this will spare him a most brutal death.
  • The God King stood up from his great throne and overshadowed James. ”Speak. Where is it, mortal?”
  • ”I shall tell you O, God King. My questions that I ask will lead to what you seek.” replied James.
  • ”Do you dare take me for a fool?” threatened The God King.
  • James fearing for his life, spoke something unexpected, ”He called you Radriar. As I was searching for you, I came upon what I believe to be a Deathless, who called you an evil King that has corrupted the land. He seeks to end your tyranny.”
  • Radriar, The God King, remembered something his father once told him, then he told James something he hasn’t shared for as long as he remembers, ”Thousands of years ago. I was a mortal once. I condemn you for your truth yet I let the mask take over me. Yes, I was once called Jori. It is a name I have forgotten. The world today was not the same as before. What I have done for thousands of years was necessary, even if the actions were considered evil.”
  • James begged The God King, ”O God King, tell me of your story so that your followers may know you for who you are, not what your enemies claim you to be.”
  • Radriar walked back to his throne and sat down in silence. ”Generations have passed and still I cannot let go of how I became this way. My father brought me to life using the technology of a man now known as the Worker of Secrets. Before my father died, I remember his words as if they were marked on stone. ‘Be a king, son. Take away their guns and their bombs.’ He told me this not knowing what he meant at the time. He knew the evil that humans always bring to this world. I am the manifestation of his vision.” Radriar continued, ”I was not born evil. Freedom would have made humanity seek destruction. Even now, some of the Deathless are becoming corrupt and thirst for power. They were humans once. My cruelty comes not from my will. It is a necessity to control these lands so that other corrupt Deathless may not take over. If they do, then they will be far worse than I am. Yes, my title overwhelms who I am. Sometimes I get lost in the God & the King but my vision for this world has always been clear. I will do what is necessary to ensure the future of this world, even if I am to be deemed as cruel and unjust in the eyes of all who despise me.”
  • ”Apologies. I did not know of the history that you tell me of. The world deserves to know it rather than misjudge you.” said James compassionately.
  • ”Do not shed tears for me, mortal. My heart has hardened in the thousands of years I have been in this world. Now tell me, where have you seen this…this Deathless you speak of?” responded Radriar.

Another sound came from the outside. It sounded like a clash of steel, as if two warriors were fighting. The God King waved to one of his minions to go see what is happening.

  • James was worried regarding what was going on outside. He lost his attention, ”I…I…It was not…”
  • James and Radiar’s concentration was long gone after the minion that Radiar sent fell to the ground at the entrance of the temple. ”What is the meaning of this?!” shouted Radriar.
  • With his heart falling down to his stomache, James dragged himself behind Radriar as a great figure with a powerful sword marched in carelessly. ”Ausar…” said Radriar in a low voice. ”So you finally come.” he added in a louder voice than before.
  • ”Do not call me this name,” said Siris who was once known as Ausar the Vile. ”I will rid the world from your tyranny! Fight me!” shouted Siris.

Radriar saw that Siris had The Infinity Blade, yet he did not want to run from this fight. Radriar took out his sword as Siris rushed to attack him. James heard steel smash upon steel, he feared for his life. Slowly, he crawled his way out of the temple and left the vicinity with no knowledge of the result of what happened in that temple. Yet, he now knows the truth about Radriar, The God King, and wishes to share it with the world.

Note: Radriar, The God King, is a character from Infinity Blade, a franchise that was developed by Epic Games. The content of this interview is fully fictional and has been developed by us for entertainment purposes.

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