1979 Revolution: Black Friday – A Political Narrative

1979 is a year that politicians cannot forget. It was a time when a revolution took place which reshaped the political geography of the world. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a game that was released for PC on April, 2016, and it will be released for iOS & Android very soon. The game is designed as a political narrative and explores the events that happened during the Iranian Revolution. For better or worse, these events impacted the people and the international community at the time and still does to this day.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday puts you in the shoes of Reza Shirazi, an aspiring photojournalist who has returned to his country Iran during a revolution against the governing Shah. You will be faced with life-and-death decisions as you get involved more and more in what is taking place. The game was developed by iNK Stories and more similar projects are expected to be released in the future.

This interactive character-driven adventure takes you into a historical thriller that is beyond what an ordinary game usually delivers. The PC gamers already gave the game a positive review, so we are definitely not going to be disappointed. If you are curious on how this game will play out, then check the official trailer for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday below.

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