Clash of Clans – Supercell’s Zero Tolerance Policy In Action

We previously discussed Supercell’s reaction to players that use third party applications such as XMod in Clash of Clans. The result was a temporary ban for 2 weeks, which angered many players, some who claim that they did not use it for cheating. While it is true that not everyone who uses third party applications is a cheater, Supercell is quite stern about its policy. Now, Supercell warns that they will perma-ban anyone who is still using third party applications.

The company claims that their system detects cheating/hack applications without any error. However, if you believe you were wrongly banned, here’s what Supercell has to say:

If you have been banned, it’s because the Octopus at SC HQ has detected something on your device which is not in line with the Supercell Terms of Service. As with the previous ban waves, false positives are always a possibility. However there isn’t a single recorded case of one yet. But, if you feel you have been incorrectly banned, you need to contact support. The forums cannot help you, in fact you will probably receive the opposite of help. Support will investigate every ticket where someone claims to be incorrectly banned. To contact support, click this link and follow the steps:…In-Out-of-game

It is not entirely hopeless for those who were wrongly banned. Make sure to contact support by clicking on the link above and following instructions. Our advice would be that you delete all third party applications even if they are not used to cheat or hack because Supercell has a zero tolerance policy regarding the matter. Stay tuned with our website for the latest Clash of Clans news.

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