Deus Ex GO: Based On Mankind Divided – Coming This Summer

With a successful series of GO games, such as Hitman GO & Lara Croft GO, released by Square Enix; now we have Deus Ex Go next in line. The upcoming Deus Ex GO will be a turn-based puzzle action game that is based in the Deus Ex Universe. This franchise is 16 years old and already has a vast fan base that will be excited for this mobile game.

Since Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is being released this August for PC, PS4, & XBox One; this mobile game will feature some elements from the console title. For example, you can expect Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Mankind Divided whom you will help in uncovering conspiracies surrounding a terrorist plot. The gameplay mechanics will include stealth, hacking, and unique puzzle solving. Also, a great feature to expect is the ability to create puzzles for other players to complete and it has been announced that this feature will be available shortly after the game’s launch.

We can expect Deus Ex GO to be released this summer at the approximate price of $4.99. Of course, there are more GO games that we can expect to be announced soon such as Just Cause GO and many others. Be sure to watch the reveal trailer for Deus Ex GO below.

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