Primal Legends: A Blend Of Candy Crush & Hearthstone – Coming Soon

Kobojo is an ambitious company that aims to merge the match-3 mechanics of Candy Crush & the strategic deck building of Hearthstone into a new game called Primal Legends. Definitely, not the easiest of games to develop. We haven’t seen true competition in the match-3 genre, yet the developers promise that Primal Legends will stand out. This game is more based on match-3 mechanics but the RPG elements should spice the experience up.

There are several heroes which you can recruit, each comes with special abilities. You can build your army, upgrade your heroes, and teach them specific skills. Even in combat, heroes differ. While some can cause direct damage, others are designed to heal or empower your army. Furthermore, this free-to-play game will include real-time PvP & PvE modes where you can challenge people worldwide, so it will be pretty competitive. You can check the announcement trailer for this game below.

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