Dawnbringer: Cinematic Trailer Revealed – Coming June 16th

5 days from now, an extremely anticipated open world RPG will be released by the name of Dawnbringer. The game packs amazing graphics and epic fights to marvel upon. In our last article on this game, we mentioned that there will be gigantic demons that you will face. After we have watched the new cinematic trailer that was released, it appears that these demons are much bigger than we thought!

Dawnbringer will be released as a free-to-play game on June 16th. The plot of the game focuses on a hero that’s fighting in order to save the world of Mourngard from demons. Unfortunately, this hero might have to face his brother to save Mourngard, which is an impossible decision to make. The campaign is believed to last for hours so there should be a lot of hack n’ slash action going on. Also, your character can be upgraded with gear and weaponry can be crafted.

We hope that Copenhagen Creators & Kiloo Games have included the frightening demon that appears at the end of the trailer. We made sure to add a close image of the demon to this page so you see for yourself how intimidating he is. Even though there are a lot of similarities with Infinity Blade, Dawnbringer has yet to live up to its hype. So far, we think it will not disappoint. Take a look at Dawnbringer’s epic cinematic trailer below.

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