World of Tanks Blitz – Update 2.10 Brings A Reworked Map & More

Being the only unrivaled tank game on mobile, Wargaming has released yet another update to World of Tanks Blitz [Free] in order to bring the game closer to perfection. Update 2.10 adds seasonal milestones, includes camouflage updates, improves training rooms, and re-introduces Rockfield map. Now you can receive bonus XP & credit multipliers every 3 months for any Tier II vehicle or above purchased.

As for the camouflage updates, you can unlock camouflages for purchase by completing special conditions. In addition, 2 new camos are available for gold, while one is available for players with a Premium Account. Furthermore, Rockfield map has been reworked to include an extended playing area, shifted capture zone, more vehicle type positions, and artwork improvements. All these changes were possible by removing some of the previous mountains.

Finally, this update brings improvements to the Training Rooms, like personal invites, team scores, chat, and the ability to damage allies. Also, there is a Euro 2016 Kick-Off event which already started and ends on June 13th. It will offer discounts on Crew Skill reset & Provisions, as well as offer iconic Football camouflages. You can watch the review for update 2.10 below.

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