HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales – Powered By Unreal Engine 4

There are a few hack n’ slash games that really stand out. One upcoming game that has made our list is called HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales. This MMO game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and developed by Nexon. HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales features cutting-edge mobile graphics that easily makes it one of the best of its genre for 2016. Furthermore, the gameplay is fast and dynamic which delivers a thrilling console quality experience.

You can challenge your friends live in a 1vs1 PvP mode or you can join the battle arenas that support up to 6 players. Moreover, you can raid arenas alongside friends where you can take down gigantic bosses – all in real-time. The game was first introduced in Korea last year but has been announced for a worldwide release for 2016. The trailer for HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales reminded us of Implosion: Never Lose Hope, a visually breathtaking game that was released last year. Whether it will be on the same level as Implosion is still unclear, but several factors are showing that it has a lot of potential.

Here’s an interesting fact, the design team for this new title included the lead designer that worked on Lineage II & Terra. There is no doubt that this game is impressive and we look forward to it. Since it happens to be based on a freemium model, we only hope that it is more skill-based rather than pay-2-win. You can pre-register for the game by clicking here. Check out the character intro trailer for HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales below.

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