Modern Combat 5 – Spectator Mode To Be Expected In Update 1.9

With custom matches coming to Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the last update, the path towards competitive eSports has become within sight. To render the game more eSports friendly, Gameloft has recently announced that a spectator mode will be coming to the game in update 1.9. Of course, this is great news to the community that loves to play this game. Even though many are getting hyped up for Modern Combat 6, we know for a fact that Gameloft is not finished with supporting Modern Combat 5: Blackout yet, so expect more to come to the controversial shooting game in the near future.

Despite our excitement for update 1.9, we do have concerns regarding the game. Since it is strongly rooted in a pay-2-win system, we believe that future tournaments may not be entirely fair since not everyone can afford paying for credits. With powerful weaponry and advantageous suits being the criteria for a victory, Gameloft should address this issue in the next update. For instance, when a custom match is being hosted, players could choose the weaponry/armors of their choice without any special boosters that give them advantage over other players.

We know that Gameloft has been in the industry for many years and has introduced amazing titles to the mobile platform, but we really believe that they should not leave this issue go unchecked. Being a part of the mobile community, we know that we are voicing the majority’s opinion on this. Nevertheless, we hope that Gameloft does deliver on its part because Modern Combat 5: Blackout is, inarguably, one of the best shooter games we have on this platform. Stay tuned with our website for more news on update 1.9.


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