Payday: Crime War – The Online Heist Series Is Coming Soon

Holy Heavens! Guess what game is finally showing signs of life? That’s right, it’s Payday! Overkill, A Starbreeze Studio, has revealed details about Payday: Crime War, the upcoming multiplayer heist shooter. Why are we so hyped about this game? Well, because it was first released on PC and garnered over 9 million downloads. It is quite a popular shooter and having it come to mobile is more than an honor.

Payday: Crime War will deliver a 4vs4 first person shooter; one team plays as the heist faction and the other team plays as the law enforcement faction. It is actually quite an interesting take on the first person shooter genre. For example, criminals will have to complete objectives such as breaking into safes, taking the money, and preventing the law enforcement from capturing you or your team. It will be an actual Payday experience just like the original. The game is expected to be released on the App Store and Google Play soon. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Payday: Crime War.

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