Pokemon GO: New Information Revealed – Coming This July

You won’t believe it but we finally have a release date for Pokemon GO! Can you believe that Pokemon has reached its 20th anniversary? It’s amazing how far this franchise has made it. Pokemon GO has gained a lot of hype worldwide due to it being an augmented reality experience, which is quite unique for this series. It will be accompanied by Pokemon GO Plus, an accessory that notifies you of nearby Pokemon by vibrating and a utility that can be used to catch them even. It glows rainbow if you catch a Pokemon and red if you failed. This accessory can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

Furthermore, we now know that the Pokemon GO Plus will launch in late July at a price of $34.99, so we can expect the game to be released worldwide before that. Most likely, we can expect it to be available in early or mid July. The game itself will be released as a free-to-play game, so you can expect in-app purchases in the game but hopefully they will not impact the experience negatively.

More information has been revealed about Pokemon GO, so fasten your seat belts. If you were wondering whether the main gaming mechanics for Pokemon GO will resemble the original games, then you can rest assured that they are pretty similar. In order to catch Pokemon, you will have to venture into the outside world and go look for them. Each Pokemon type is found near its related area. For example, water type are near aquatic areas and grass type are found in grassy areas. The realism of the experience actually makes the game very exciting.

Then, of course, there are the rare Pokemon which are very difficult to find, and even harder to catch. In terms of trading, since there is no trading process in Pokemon GO, evolving Pokemon can require the help of rare candies. For instance, if you want to evolve a Charmander to a Charmeleon, you will need 25 Charmander candies. No worries though, Niantic has confirmed that trading will make its way to the game at a later date. Players can also evolve their Pokemon, and even collect Pokemon Eggs, which will hatch into Pokemon after you have walked a preset distance.

As for the Gyms, you will be able to find Pokemon Gyms in real-world locations where you can battle against the Trainer in control of the Gym. When you compete to control the Gym, you can choose one of three teams to fight for. If you beat the Pokemon team that belong to the Gym Trainer, then you become in control of the Gym and your Pokemon Team will defend the Gym against the next player that passes by.

When the game is released, there will be over 100 Pokemon to capture (all from the 1st Generation). However, more generations will be introduced as updates roll in.  Like the Pokemon games, players can use a Poke Ball to catch the creatures by tapping on the touchscreen. Poke Balls and similar items can be found at PokeStops that are located at memorable places where historical monuments or public art installations exist. Finally, you can watch the promo trailer for this game below.


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