Dawnbringer – Out Now

Dawnbringer [Free], the open world RPG that we had much faith in, has just been released worldwide. After testing it for a few hours, we are sad to say that we were disappointed by its graphics, performance, settings, and story. The cinematic trailer was amazing, the screenshots were attractive, and the game description was very well written. Let’s just say that the company behind it had a very good marketing team.

What we felt didn’t live up to the hype was mostly the gameplay. You simply have to tap on screen to let the character run automatically and you can only swipe to move his direction. Even more disappointing is the fact that you cannot increase sensitivity which makes it harder to control your character. The combat system seemed very dull due to the AI’s repetitive blows; a vital factor that shouldn’t have been ignored. When looking at its graphics, dismay was never at its height; the visuals were far from an Infinity Blade experience but looked standard at best.

In terms of plot, the story seemed average, yet it could have delivered a better experience if there were voice actors involved. Don’t mistaken our verdict, Dawnbringer is an overall good game. It has the fantasy and adventure elements incorporated in it, no doubt, and we love that it has gigantic demons that you can fight. However, it doesn’t live up to our criteria or to the hype that it built.

You can test the game if you wish and make your own judgement on its content. Unfortunately, we expected much more, especially that we were excited to what it promised to deliver. Finally, we sadly say that it is not close to be a rival for the epic Infinity Blade series. You can watch the official launch trailer for Dawnbringer below.


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