Clash Royale: A New Balance Update Announced – Coming June 21st

Today, Supercell announced that a balance update will be coming soon to Clash Royale [Free], which is not surprising. However, there are a lot of unexpected changes that the company decided to implement. You can expect the update to come on June 21st – 3 days from now. The Hog Rider’s damage will be decreased by 6% which is understandable since he’s used by almost every Clash Royale player available. On the other hand, the Prince will get his damage increased by 9%, which we think he needs considering his speed was decreased in a former update.

We will also see the P.E.K.K.A gain 8% increase in damage, so we can expect a fierce offensive after these changes take effect. In addition, the Goblin Barrel will get a decrease in Goblin spawn tme from 1.2 seconds to 1 second. Might not sound like a lot of time but we all know that each moment matters in Clash Royale. Also, you will see the X-Bow get a decrease in deployment time from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, while its hitpoints increased by 18%. This will revive the days of glory that the X-Bow once had and should render it more usable.

The Mortar will get a decrease in depoyment time from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, which we think is fair. We know that this card is frowned upon but there are many ways to counter it. Moreover, the Furnace will get lifetime increase from 40 seconds to 50 seconds. This will definitely give this card’s user a bit more boost in offense. Supercell also decided to remove pushback effect for the Guards when their shields break; a change that will give them extra jabs at their opponent.

As for the Witch, her damage will be increased by 17% which will allow her to become a more effective unit on the battlefield. The Skeletons will spawn 3 rather than 4, a change that Supercell deemed fair since they are so cheap. In addition, the Cannon’s hitpoints will decrease by 8% while the Tesla hitpoints will increase by 8%. These changes will make for an interesting deck revamp.

Finally, our worst fears has come true! The Lava Hound will get increase in damage by 28%. Seriously Supercell, what were you thinking?! Their excuse for empowering him is that he isn’t scary enough. If you say so… But we definitely believe he should be nerfed, especially the pups. Are you excited for this update? Be sure to stay tuned with our website for the latest Clash Royale news.

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