Afterpulse – When Is It Coming To Google Play?

Here we are again, wondering when Afterpulse is coming to Android devices. We are aware that a large amount of you are still waiting for it and we have been doing our best to get in touch with Gamevil. Although they did not give us a date for the Android version, they did confirm that they are working on it! So this should be great news for those that thought Gamevil gave up on the Android version. We know it’s very frustrating for you to wait so long for it and that’s why we wanted to address this issue today.

We may see a release date in 2016 but we don’t have a confirmed date yet. Once we have more news, you know that we will share it with you. Our team will do its best to stay in touch with Gamevil and get updates on the Android version. Afterpulse is a third person shooter that was developed by Digital Legends and published by Gamevil. The game was released worldwide for iOS devices on June 29th, 2015; almost a year later, we are still waiting for Afterpulse to come to Google Play. You can check the official trailer for the game below.

4 thoughts on “Afterpulse – When Is It Coming To Google Play?

    • If you follow the website, it will notify you of our latest news. Once the game comes out we will announce it on the website but it will be hard to send emails to each person since we got hundreds of thousands. You can rest assured that we will cover the news on our website once we know about the Android version. Thank you.


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