Cosmos Rings – A New Square Enix Game Registered

Interestingly, Square Enix has filed a Cosmos Rings trademark in Europe and speculation has been on the rise as to what this game is all about! Many are arguing that this might be a game related to the Chaos Rings franchise, an RPG series which was first premiered on iOS back in 2010 and had its last game released just in 2015. The four Chaos Rings titles were all received with positive feedback and perhaps Cosmos Rings is the next step for the successful franchise.

The new Cosmos Rings series will most likely be based on a premium business model since Square Enix touched on this issue not long ago. Although nothing is clear at the moment. What immediately comes to attention is that Cosmos (meaning order) is the opposite of Chaos (meaning disorder). So the upcoming game can be an offshoot series that shares the universe of Chaos Rings. Also note that Square Enix voiced its wishes on focusing on different mobile markets in the past, so this may be their attempt on attracting more mobile players. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Cosmos Rings.

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