Clash Royale – Register For A New eSports Tournament

With Supercell’s focus towards Mobile eSports, Clash Royale has become an ideal candidate for eSports tournaments on mobile devices. One of the biggest organizations, MOBILE ESPORTS, has just announced a Clash Royale Tournament which will take place in July. Registration is currently open for those who are interested. Some of the best players in the world will participate in this tournament, so you better be prepared before you decide to register.

MOBILE ESPORTS is an eSports division that’s sponsored by the DN Network and has already hosted two massive eSports tournaments for Critical Ops in the past. Their tournament is dubbed as the Tactical Tournament and will be played on-stream and off-stream. While all cards can be used, this rule will cease to be by round 4 and after. During that time, each player gets to ban 1 card from the opponent’s deck, leading to an interesting deck shuffle. If you thought your deck was perfect, you will have to learn to improvise if one of the cards that you depend on is banned.

Finally, this tournament will include prizes for the winners but the prizes have not been announced yet. Click here to visit the Clash Royale Tournament’s page where you can learn about the tournament and register for it. For those that will register for it, we wish you the best of luck!

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