Vainglory: Summer Beach Party Update (1.19) – New Hero & More

As we enter the summer season, so does Vainglory [Free] with its new Summer Beach Party Update. What new content do we get? A new roam hero, more rewards, new items, and upcoming skins. Let’s talk about the new hero first. Lyra is a Gythian roam hero that uses healing and protective magic to utilize the enemy’s positions into advantages for her allies. Her role as a healer is further empowered with utility and defense.

Let’s take a look at her perks based on their precise description:

  • Principle Arcanum – Lyra’s attacks are arcane missiles, dealing crystal damage. If she holds her ground after releasing an attack, she automatically channels and releases a much stronger arcane missile that deals additional crystal damage and briefly slows its target. Each channeled missile consumes energy, but Lyra can continue using these even if she runs out of energy.
  • Imperial Sigil – Lyra forms a sigil at the target location, revealing surrounding enemies. While this sigil remains active, it heals nearby allied heroes and damages nearby enemy heroes. Lyra can reactivate this ability at any time to detonate the sigil, dealing heavy damage to surrounding enemies while providing a burst of healing and a moderate move speed boost to nearby allies.
  • Bright Bulwark – After a brief delay, Lyra releases a pulse of magical energy, damaging and applying a decaying slow to surrounding enemies. The affected area then becomes a walled zone of protection. Enemies inside the zone are snared, allowing them to move normally but preventing them from using movement abilities.
  • Arcane Passage – Lyra blinks to the target location, leaving portals at both the beginning and the end of the blink. Portals last for a few seconds, allowing allied and enemy heroes to move freely between them in both directions.

Furthermore, now you can earn more rewards by playing casual or ranked to earn Sunlight which improves your seasonal level. As you progress, your chances for better loot payouts improve. Also, by wearing a skin during a match grants you extra Sunlight – the higher the skin tier, the more bonus Sunlight you’re rewarded. That’s actually pretty amazing. With Summer Chests, rewards are going to be bigger than before and loot can include Glory, ICE, Boosts, and Essence.

In addition, there will be new skins available on different dates. Summer Party Krul is expected to come on June 24th; Sylvian Kestrel Tier I is expected to come on July 1st; North Wind Reim Tier I is expected to come on July 8th; and Fury Rona Tier II is expected to come on July 15th. We love the Summer Party Krul, he looks like a crazy adventurer, so do keep a close eye on that one because it should be out today. The North Wind Reim Tier I looks like a possessed Gandalf and we definitely look forward to get that skin.

Finally, there is a new summer Halcyon Fold map which includes sunflowers, sandcastles, shop cabanas, rich lighting & more. There are plenty of new items introduced and reworked as well, such as: IronGuard Contract, Protector Contract, Dragonblood Contract, Stormcrown, Journey Boots, War Treads, Halcyon Chargers, Flare Gun, and Contraption. As for adjustments to heroes, several heroes have been balanced such as Skaarf, Skye, Adagio, and many others.

You can click read the full patch note for update 1.19. Before we end this post, we want to inform you that Super Evil Megacorp has teased two new heroes that will debut in update 1.20 and 1.21, so stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Vainglory. Don’t forget to watch Lyra’s hero spotlight below.

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