Monster Hunter Explore – Capcom Announces Service Termination

With millions of people anticipating the launch of Monster Hunter Explore worldwide, bitter news have arrived to overshadow the excitement. Although the game is soft launched in some countries like Canada, Capcom has announced that the game will be discontinued and all services will be terminated. Monster Hunter Explore was designed as a mobile game with console quality graphics that has hyped up many mobile gamers who have been waiting for its global release. Being an online RPG experience, it became the most awaited Capcom game for 2016.

Unfortunately, Capcom’s decision is bewildering indeed, considering that the game would have been extremely successful. By the end of July, the game’s online servers will be closed and the game will no longer be playable. According to Capcom, all those who spent money on in-app purchases (Gems) are able to seek refund from Apple, only if the Gems were not used yet. This suggests that those who invested into upgrading their character will not be able to get any refunds.

It seems like a trend that Capcom continues to fail the mobile gaming community. Another previous game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, became broken and was removed from the App Store for over a year. This has led to a myriad of complaints from millions of gamers, and as a result, Capcom has confirmed earlier this month that an update will be released later in the summer. We strongly advise that you no longer invest any money into Monster Hunter Explore and even better to avoid spending time on building your character since the game will be taken down by July 31st.

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