The Mobile Journal: Chapter #3 – An Interview With The Red Skull

”The Mobile Journal” is a series of interviews that we have with fictional characters that are found in mobile games. We will explore prominent characters throughout this series and will keep this series active as long as we know that it has an audience of its own. The interviews will be held by our interviewer, James Edinburg, who will explore these characters’ persona to the best of his ability. All chapters will be listed in our new page ”The Mobile Journal” which you can visit.

Johann Schmidt, The Red Skull – Marvel Future Fight

A large ship arrived to a deserted island in the midst of nowhere after nine days of travel. The sky covered the island with dark gray clouds as rain began to fall down. Several men left the ship, one of them being James Edinburg, and they started to walk into the depth of a very thick forest. As the men made their way through the tall trees and muddy soil, they could only hear the howl of wolves. James’ face transformed with a sense of fear in his stomach. The short man beside him assured him that they are almost there. After an hour of walking, they arrived to what appeared to be an abandoned facility. It was extremely wide and covered a large portion of the island, yet the tall trees concealed it from above; rendering it absolutely invisible from sky view. The vicinity was completely covered with cameras, they were installed to capture every minute detail. The short man walked forward facing a metal gate, raised two fists in the air, and shouted, ”Hail Hydra!” The other two men repeated after him while James was gazing in surprise.

The gate opened and the men entered a hallway that was filled with soldiers. The complex was bigger than it looked due its deep underground infrastructure and abundant number of rooms. Scientists and soldiers filled the facility and while it seemed dead from the outside, it was very much alive from the inside. James was accompanied by the short man towards a private room where he opened the door with a security code. James noticed a stern looking man sitting on a chair next to a desk at the end of the room. The short man suddenly raised his fists, ”Hail Hydra.” The serious man smiled with a devilish grin but then looked at James with an intimidating face. James fearing to upset the man raised his fists as well and repeated, ”Hail Hydra.”

  • Pleased, the man on the chair said, ”You may leave now Arnim,” then looking at James, he pointed his finger towards the chair in front of him and said, ”Sit.”
  • James slowly sat in front of the man. After neither of them spoke, the man broke the silence, ”What brings you here?”
  • A question James was most certainly expecting, to which he replied, ”Mr. Schmidt, I am marvelled by your vision towards the world. I seek to learn more about you. I carry great interest towards who you are and what your beliefs are.”
  • Johann Schmidt, with a very noticeable German accent then said, ”It is true. I am a man of great ambition. How can I not be when the Führer himself has chosen me to lead HYDRA?”
  • Surprised, James wanted to follow up with Mr. Schmidt, ”So you met him? The Führer himself?”
  • After pondering at a red skull on his desk, Johann responded, ”I worked at a hotel once. It feels like it was centuries ago. I took care of the Führer’s room myself, a great honor at the time. Then one day while I was in his room I heard him scolding an officer. He looked at me and looked at the officer saying, ‘This simple man can even do your job better.’ Then the Führer walked towards me, I felt uncomfortable. After he studied me with his eyes, he then took me under his wing and I rose in the ranks to lead HYDRA.”
  • ”That’s a fascinating story,” said James. ”And did you… Do you still look up to him, even after his death?”
  • Johann Schmidt suddenly caught James by his neck and whispered to him, ”Know your place. You breathe because I allow it.” Then Mr. Schmidt stood up and looked at the window, gazing outside. He continued, ”Do not assume for a second that I look up to or follow anybody. The Führer was a fool. He fantasized much but lacked the vision. It is I who led HYDRA to live on until today. It is I who will take over the world. I am the author of the changes in history. Without my efforts, the Führer wouldn’t have gone far.”
  • James was hardly breathing, with a heart that was pumping twice the speed. ”Apologies Mr. Schmidt. I seek your forgiveness for my ignorance.”
  • Suddenly, Mr. Schmidt turned around and asked, ”Do you believe in destiny?”
  • ”I do.” said Johann after gulping a mouthful of fear.
  • ”It is my destiny to change this world. HYDRA was once a scientific division for the Nazi Party. Under my leadership, I transformed it into a shining light in a world of ignorance. I have personally led expeditions to the world’s most secretive locations to uncover buried secrets. And now… Now, we are almost prepared. It will be I who will be feared; men do not respect anything but fear.”
  • James asked in a low voice, ”What of the Americans? They have claimed HYDRA as a terrorist organization and you as a…” James stopped himself before he uttered the wrong word that will get him killed.
  • ”I am a what, Mr. Edinburg?” He walked until he was next to James and looked down upon him. ”A war criminal? Do you believe me to be a war criminal?”
  • James stuttered as he was trying to respond, ”I…I…I only te… tell you what they claim.”
  • ”Consider this,” responded Mr. Schmidt proudly, ”Great men do not care what the world thinks of them. When a man claims victory, he can rewrite history. You will see history from my point of view soon enough.”

The door opened and nine men entered abruptly. They all raised their fists in unison and chanted, ”Hail Hydra!” Mr. Schmidt was furious, and questioned the sudden interruption. Then Arnim Zola, Red Skull’s most trusted scientist, responded, ”They are here! Our base is discovered.” With a grin on his face, ”So it begins”, whispered Mr. Schmidt to himself.

  • ”Prepare our defenses!” ordered Mr. Schmidt as Arnim and the men left the room immediately. Then he looked at James, ”I am afraid we will have to terminate our interview Mr. Edinburg.”
  • James became very nervous. He did not want to be in the midst of a war and feared that the worst was about to happen. ”Thank you Mr. Schmidt for your time.”
  • Then after looking at James, Mr. Schmidt gave him an evil grin as he started to remove the human skin off his face. James was disturbed by the image and fell from his chair as he dragged himself backwards. Then Mr. Schmidt, having completely took off his human mask, said, ”Call me Red Skull, I embrace my true nature Mr. Edinburg. Humanity is but a weak existence, I am the evolution of this pitiful race.”
  • James couldn’t believe his eyes. He was looking at a complete red face that was mutated rather than human. It didn’t have a nose nor visible ears, it looked horrifying. Then, Red Skull started walking towards James but James felt paralyzed with fear. He could not move. ”You stay here Mr. Edinburg,” said Red Skull, ”I need you for an experiment of mine once I am finished with the intruders.”
  • James begged for his life, ”Please. Spare me, I am only here because I wanted to learn your story. Pleaseee…”
  • Red Skull laughed hysterically. ”Oh yes, you will learn even more about me. But I am afraid you will not live to tell the tale.” Red Skull opened the door and before he left, he added, ”We shall speak again Mr. Edinburg but first I have a certain captain that I have to destroy.”

James was now alone, trapped in a secured room. He tried everything to escape but his attempts failed. He could only wait and hope that the intruders will be strong enough to free him from the hell he was soon to face. Shots and explosions were heard but all that James could do is wait.

Note: Johann Schmidt, The Red Skull, is a character from Marvel Future Fight, a title that is fully owned by Marvel Entertainment. The content of this interview is fully fictional and has been developed by us for entertainment purposes.

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