Clash Royale – July Update Adds A New Arena, Cards, & More

Supercell announced via Clash Royale‘s inbox that a balance update will be released on July 4th, yet in that official announcement they didn’t mention that a new arena and new cards will be coming in July as well. Interestingly, there was a sneak peek released that showed a new arena called Frozen Peak – which can be unlocked at 2300+ trophies. It is refreshing to know that a new arena will be coming because the current arenas became somewhat boring for many players.

The sneak peek was posted by the Youtuber Clash With Ash and in his video, there appears to be 58 cards available. At the moment, the game has maximum 54 cards, which means that 4 new cards will be coming in the next update! Sounds pretty exciting already. New cool features will be implemented such as the possibility to choose what arena to fight in when setting a Friendly Battle. That definitely spices up the experience.

Furthermore, there is a new Tournament feature that will be available in the next update which allows you to create a tournament that includes a location for players to show up to in person. Of course, players can also join the tournament online. The cool thing is that you don’t need to leave your clan to join a tournament. While it is free to join a tournament, the creator of the tournament will have to spend Gems. The cost to create the tournament becomes the prize pool for the winners.

Finally, to the best of our knowledge the new content will be released on July 4th along with the balance changes, however, Supercell didn’t officially announce the date yet. There is a possibility that they might release it at a later date in July, but we will keep you updated on any changes. Click here if you wish to learn more about the balance changes that are being introduced soon. You can watch the sneak peek for the update by Clash With Ash below.

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