Modern Combat 5 – Update 1.9.0 Adds Spectator Mode & More

Finally, all what you ever wanted for Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free] has come true. The new update (1.9.0) marks a new era for the Modern Combat series, an era of eSports and competition. With the latest update, Gameloft has added a spectator mode, a new class, 14 new weapons, and timed challenges. Of course, what we are most excited about is the spectator mode since this is the backbone for Mobile eSports. This new feature allows 4 players to simultaneously spectate a game via multiple options.

As for the new class, it’s called Sapper. It brings a unique approach to the game by allowing the player to utilize the deployment of turrets in order to win. This opens the opportunity for any Sapper player to collect weapon parts from fallen soldiers. Furthermore, with 14 new weapons, the game has become a lot more competitive. The Sapper class comes with 7 new primary weapons, 6 unique turret types as secondary weapons, and a new grenade as well.

In addition, we now see Timed Challenges introduced, which is a great way for you to earn in-game items and speed up the gear-up process. A player is able to accept 6 missions at a time and new missions are refreshed between a day to a week. Also, in celebration of Independence Day (July 4th), there is a new All-American Suit that you can rock! You can watch the teaser trailer for the new update below.


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