Critical Ops – The Superb FPS Is Now Available In 137 Countries

Well, it is about time to see Critical Ops [Free], one of the best FPS games available, to be released in as much countries as possible. In an announcement today, Critical Force has mentioned that the game is now available in 137 countries! However, the United States is not among them. If you happen to be living in the United States, then you can create an Apple ID in a different region and download the game from the App Store.

The game has been updated recently with a new map, team battle mode, weapons skins, balance changes, and more. In fact, there is an anticipated Airport Map that everyone is waiting for which should spice up the action; this map is expected to come soon. Critical Ops has been in soft launch for over eight months but a worldwide release has not been announced yet.

If you are interested in competitive FPS gaming then you will find that Critical Ops is an extremely balanced game and is very far from the pay-2-win model that Modern Combat 5 is built upon. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on this game. You can watch the new trailer for Critical Ops below.

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