Infinity Blade Trilogy – Now Free Of Charge!

Since it’s the 4th of July, many of you who are from the United States are celebrating your Independence Day. As a gesture of patriotism and generosity, Epic Games has just put the entire Infinity Blade Trilogy for free! This definitely gives you two great things to celebrate about because if any franchise has raised the bar for mobile gaming, it’s undoubtedly Infinity Blade. Previously, Infinity Blade I, II, & III were priced at $5.99, $6.99, and $6.99, respectively. With such high prices being given for free is really a deal you cannot ignore.

Back when Infinity Blade was released by Chair Entertainment & Epic Games in 2010, everyone was mind-blown by what was possible on mobile. The graphics were greatly praised and likened to console graphics. In fact, this was the first moment in mobile gaming history where a mobile game is actually compared to console; it is where the revolution began.

You hear a lot about Unreal Engine and how the fascinating games rock this technology to make the insane graphics on a game possible. Epic Games, the company behind this technology, is the same company behind the Infinity Blade franchise. In fact, Infinity Blade was the first mobile game to be empowered with the Unreal Engine 3. So this is not your casual game. Apple demonstrated Infinity Blade games in their keynote presentations to promote iOS devices. Truthfully, many of us bought an iOS device after seeing Infinity Blade being demonstrated for the first time; who wouldn’t? The first instalment made $1.6 million USD in only 4 days to become the fastest grossing app in iOS history.

The Infinity Blade series has a great story, epic gameplay, beautiful environments, and fascinating boss fights. In the first instalment, Infinity Blade I, you embark on an epic journey to fight the God King and release the world from the Deathless, biologically engineered immortal species. Upon your death, you are reborn as your descendant and your enemies become harder to kill with each rebirth. You are able to customize your character immensely and upgrade your powers. The story mainly revolves around the infinity blade, the only weapon that can bring true death to the immortal deathless who have set themselves as gods on Earth.

Infinity Blade I

In the second instalment, Infinity Blade II, the world becomes larger for you to explore, the story more profoundly deep, more interesting enemies to face, and with better graphics. The game was released 1 year following its previous one and like its predecessor took the world by surprise and again hailing the mobile platform as the future of gaming. You get to learn more about the world which Infinity Blade presents and understand the motives behind the God King’s actions as well as learn more about who you are. The journey becomes full of plots and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you set to discover the mystery behind The Worker of Secrets.

Infinity Blade II

The third instalment, Infinity Blade III, takes things to a whole new level. Released in late 2013, the game is unrivalled in its visuals, voice acting, and narrative. Here, you learn the origin of the infinity blade and who was the creator behind it. You get to meet the Father of the Deathless, he who claims divinity and kingship. In this part of the series you battle giant bosses and ancient dragons. And if that does not impress you, then know that the developers have brought so much new content since its release that is almost equivalent to a sequel!

Infinity Blade III

Due to its popularity, best-selling author Brandon Sanderson authored two books that delve more into the legend of Infinity Blade. The first book, Infinity Blade: Awakening, acts as a bridge between the first and second game and continues where the first game ends – it was first released as an e-book and is 128 pages long. The second book, Infinity Blade: Redemption, bridges the gap between the end of the second game and the start of the third game – initially released as an e-book as well, it is 174 pages long. Both books are a fascinating read and worth checking out as well to better understand the mythology of Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade: Awakening & Infinity Blade: Redemption – Excerpted from

Finally, Infinity Blade Trilogy is a fascinating experience and the journey that every gamer yearns for. It takes you to a different world, a world where epic boss fights are memorable, and the immersion of its storyline is almost tangible. This is a title where you can never go wrong and by playing this series, you will experience the franchise that set the console bar for mobile gaming. In our opinion, playing Infinity Blade is like reliving the extraordinary moments of mobile gaming history. If there is one reason for Android gamers to get an iOS device, it is Infinity Blade. Furthermore, we have included The God King, a character from the franchise, in our latest interview series which you can check by clicking here. You can check the trailer for the latest Infinity Blade title below.

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