Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast – Out Now

After 7 months of wait since its announcement, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast [Free] has just been released worldwide. The game brings the world of Iron Maiden, the English Rock Band, to life. It was developed by Roadhouse Interactive, the makers of Warhammer 40K: Carnage Champions, so you can expect solid graphics and entertaining turn-based gameplay.

You will be playing as Iron Maiden’s mascot, Eddie the Head, and will be taking several forms while having special abilities. There will be 5 classes to choose from: Warrior, Magus, Sentinel, Gunner or Assassin. Considering that it’s very strategic, you can upgrade and evolve your team to compete against your enemies. There are over 40 different Talisman sets to pick and select extra abilities for your characters.

Here is the official description of the game: “Players explore new worlds, travel through time, and battle a cast of dramatic and engaging characters drawn from the expansive catalogue of Maiden’s albums and art.” It has been announced that you can access over 100 supporting characters as well. The game will have you assist Eddie in finding the missing parts of his soul which was shattered by a mysterious force.

They further describe the gameplay to be enhanced with soundtracks based on the band’s songs throughout their entire career. In addition, they mentioned that unheard live recordings of the band will be included in the game. This sounds absolutely amazing! Iron Maiden & Roadhouse Interactive are working closely together to deliver an authentic Iron Maiden game that is based on the mythology that the band built through their music and imagery.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast comes with four available worlds and we might see more come in future updates. If you are an Iron Maiden fan, then you can go download the game from the  App Store or Google Play. You can watch the cinematic trailer for this game below.

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